Camping with your own tent:

15 euro p.n.p.p.


Reservation for camping with your own tent is not necessary.


Overnight stay in a room:

double room: 16,50 euro p.n. +

                                                   15 euro p.p.p.n.

quadruple room: 33 euro p.n. +

                                                   15 euro p.p.p.n.

(The quadruple room can be rented only from minimum of three persons).



Overnight stay in our Karstentent:

12,50 euro p.n. + 15 euro p.p.p.n.

In our Karstentent there are 2 beds with matrasses in it for rent. 

Don't feel like bringing your sleeping bag, rent a bed linen package. Contents: pillow with pillowcase, duvet with cover..

A sleeping bag package is available for the Karstentent. Contents: sleeping bag (extra wide: 140 cm) and a pillow.

And if you want the ultimate in luxury, choose a towel package as well. Contents: shower towel, two towels, guest towel,

The packages cost per package  7,50 euro p.p.p.w.

It is not allowed to cook in our rooms or in the Karstent.