The Auvergne is a beautiful area with a breathtaking nature. Vast Forests, volcanic lakes and winding rivers. This area is ideal for motorcycle rides.

Take a day trip to the beautiful volcanic mountains of the Chaîne des Puys.

With, among others, the well-known Puy de Dome and the highest Puy de Sancy (1885 mtr).


Digital routes are available at the campsite. From the campsite to all directions of the compass, you can make a relaxed pre-programmed tour. Choice of various distances and roads (very winding or not).

Besides all these extraordinary nature you can find in the Auvergne also an abundance of culture, gastronomic delights and a fascinating history.
The Auvergne is traditionally an area where people retreated.Here are enhanced buildings, forts and castles.Some just like before, or returned to their former glory, others as a ruin.But they are all fun to watch and dream about it used to be.There are the castles of Tournemire and Lapalisse, you definitely need to visit. 


The towns of Moulin, Montluçon and Vichy you really can not skip.Each of these exciting cities has its own peculiarities: the cathedral and the remains of the ducal palace in Moulin, the spa’s of Vichy, and Montluçon is known as a cultural  city with 15 monuments and 22 artworks on the historical monuments listing. 

In Vichy you can take your empty bottles to fill them at the source Celestin. The sources here give their beneficial water by using bronze cranes and are open to the public.The Source Celestin is in the riverside park.

The Parc des Sources in the center is also beautiful.It was commissioned by Napoleon. Surrounding there are old iron galleries so you have an sheltered walk from the Casino on the one side, to the bathhouse on the other side. The streets between the Allier and the Casino are also worth a stroll.You are going to marvel at the beautiful old mansions and dream away in the grandeur the early days.

In the southern part of the Auvergne you can visit the city of Le Puy-en-Velay in the Haute-Loire.
Le Puy-en-Velay is really a succession of beautiful buildings, monuments, winding streets and special freaks of nature.
80 meters high on a rock in the middle of the city there is an impressive one thousand years old chapel dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel.